PArtiMus Research Group: Art in Focus

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The PArtiMus Research Group’s webpage is now live. Comprised of artists from various fields and competencies, the research group aims to develop work in the realm of artistic research. Its productions have been evolving since the year 2017, stemming from other groups, and converged into a more defined proposal in 2022, with the group’s registration in the CNPq directory. Partimus is a Latin term in the third person plural that means sharing and distribution, and it pertains to the group’s objective of sharing knowledge and artistic processes.

The primary methodology employed is autoethnography, particularly in its Collaborative modality. This signifies a commitment to transparency and exchange among its members, as well as to the cultural and political context of the country and the world.

The developed research reflects this collaborative nature, involving diverse interests. For example, the breaking down of boundaries between composition and performance, as well as their interactions and impacts on musical creation and experimentation. The issues of musical surface, such as texture, instrumentation, timbre, and spatialization, all stemming from the development of Partitional Analysis, which in 2023 marks 20 years of artistic and academic production. Musical structuring supported by computational systems, and fueled by the same, in the analysis and generation of musical materials. Artistic sonification and reflection as a means to highlight issues related to the survival of humanity, both subjective and objective, consequences of an economically depleted system.

The detailed and updated activities of the group can be found at the link below. I invite everyone to visit the page to get acquainted with our work.

PArtiMus site