Abstrai Ensemble

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Founded and directed by Pedro Bittencourt, the group is known for being dedicated to the repertoire of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, mainly in collaborations with living composers (Brazilian and foreign).

In addition to instrumental and vocal musical pieces, the group regularly uses the latest digital technologies (electroacoustics and mixed music) in their concerts and other activities. The group is also dedicated to pedagogical activities such as workshops, master classes, meetings of musical interpretation / composition, as well as commented concerts, contributing for the formation of public of concert music in Brazil.

The ABSTRAI Ensemble has performed at major Brazilian festivals and concert halls, as well as a tour of Mexico. Participated in the 55th Villa Lobos Festival (RJ) in 2017, the VI International Chamber Music Week 2017 in the City of Arts (RJ), the Brazilian Contemporary Music Biennials in 2013 and 2015 (RJ), the Weird Music Festival in Conservatory Room (SP), the SESC Pompéia Partitions (SP) series, the Ouro Preto Winter Festival (MG), the Londrina Music Festival (PN), the Panorama of Contemporary Brazilian Music (RJ), the International Chamber Music Festival (RJ) CCBB (RJ), Sala Cecília Meirelles (RJ), Guiomar Novaes Space (RJ), City of Arts (RJ), Parque Lage (RJ) and Instituto Cervantes (RJ). They performed concerts and participated in radio programs in Mexico in 2014 with the support of Ibermusicas.

They also presented his repertoire and his musical proposals in national TV shows, such as the program “Partituras” and “Mobile Studio”, both from TV Brasil (EBC). The ABSTRAI ensemble can be seen as an instrument not only for the dissemination of culture, but also for its production, contributing to the musical diversity.

The group released their first CD, Experiência, in 2018. Recorded between July 2017 and June 2018 at A CASA Estudio (Rio de Janeiro) and directed by saxophonist, teacher and researcher Pedro Bittencourt, the CD exclusively recent works of brazilian composers Roberto Victorio, Rodrigo Lima, Michelle Agnes, Pauxy Gentil-Nunes, as well as portuguese composer João Pedro Oliveira, greek composer Phivos Angelos-Kollias and french composer Didier Marc Garin. Dedicated to the ABSTRAI ensemble, these pieces were first recorded by the group. The CD is an independent production of the ABSTRAI ensemble, available on physical CD and on major digital platforms by the label A CASA Studio.


  • Pedro Bittencourt, Musical director
  • Doriana Mendes, soprano
  • Andrea Ernest Dias, flutes
  • Pauxy Gentil-Nunes, flutes and electronics
  • Jose Batista Junior, clarinets
  • Ariane Petri, bassoon
  • Pedro Bittencourt, saxophones
  • Fabio Adour, guitar
  • Tiago Calderano, percussion
  • Mariana Salles, violin and viola
  • Marcus Ribeiro, cello
  • Marina Spoladore, piano