New version of the Parsemat application available for download

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Version 0.8 Beta of the Parsemat® application is available for download.

The program analyzes and produces graphics that outline some textural and musical aspects from MIDI files. The results can be applied in musical analysis and composition. The program is developed as part of the research project “Surface and structure in applications of Partitional Analysis (2018)”, 🔗 in the Graduate Program in Music of UFRJ, 🔗 and is offered free of charge under the GNU license.

In this new version, it is possible to save and open Midi Toolbox notematrix tables. Notematrix tables are now fully editable and can be saved also as MIDI files.

The temporal partitiogram (parttemp) was added, which summarizes the information from the indexogram and partitiogram graphs in an integrated visualization.

Instructions and installation files can be found on the Parsemat page itself. 🔗