Three Miniatures (2019)

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Three Miniatures for string trio (violin I, violin II, viola)
Year 2019
Duration 10′
Category Chamber Music

Three Miniatures for String Trio are small studies of performative partitioning, which consists of a systematic approach to instrumental technique as the main element of the creative process, within the scope of Partitional Analysis. The instrumental distribution, which generates the piece’s textures, is structured from sequences of fingers, strings, and techniques involved, like a choreography, with the pitches and other musical dimensions resulting from this aspect. Even so, this connection was not highlighted in the esthesic domain, constituting only a compositional method. The result is a relatively traditional work with this hidden structure built-in, which will be felt mainly by the interpreters. The piece is dedicated to the Trio Ágora, formed by Ayran Nicodemo, Thalita Vieira (violin), and Ana Luíza Lopes (viola), musicians who premiered the piece in the 2019 season of Prelude 21 – Music for the Present.


  1. Sentido (Passionate)
  2. Andante
  3. Presto


  • Three Miniatures for String Trio
    • Premiere – 2019 Season – Prelúdio 21 – Music for the Present. Centro Cultural Justiça Federal
      • Trio Ágora
        • Ayran Nicodemo, violin
        • Thalita Vieira, violin
        • Ana Luíza Lopes, viola
Trio Ágora, CCJF 2019


“Three Miniatures” at the XXIV Biennial of Contemporary Brazilian Music