Songs from the Old Era (1987)

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Songs from the Old Era, for piano (alternative versio for piano four hands)
Year 1987
Duration 15′00″
Category Solo

Canções da Velha Era is a programmatic piece for solo piano in rhapsody form. A pianist is working on a fugue at the end of the night. Tired, he cannot concentrate, and his mind sails by fleeting and longing memories of a distant past, full of emotional episodes. The piece then follows this struggle between the imposition of reality and the seduction of reverie. The general idea of Canções was influenced by listening to Gilberto Mendes’ piece Vento Noroeste in a concert where the master was present. The piece was composed for solo piano and later transcribed for four hands, which was premiered even before the original version.


  • Canções da Velha Era– premiere of four hands version.
    • Katia Baloussier e Waldemar Henriques, piano four hands.
      • Panorama da Música Brasileira Atual
  • Canções da Velha Era – premiere of piano solo version.
    • Marina Spoladore, piano
      • Abstrai Ensemble concert in III Congress of the Brazilian Association of Musical Theory and Analysis (TeMA) & IV International Congress on Music and Mathematics.