Premiere of “Ika” in series “Prelude 21 – Music of the Present”

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Next Saturday, August 10th, I will be doing, together with my personal friend, hornist Savio Faber, the premiere of Ika, for French Horn and Electronics.

The concert is part of the series Preludio 21 – Music of the Present, and will debut five more pieces, totaling the authorship of the composers of the group – Alexandre Schubert, Caio Senna, Jose Orlando Alves, Neder Nassaro and Marcos Lucas, all for horn, solo or with complements. .

Ika is the name of the most important sacred flute of Bororo culture, an Amerindian people currently occupying reserves in northern Mato Grosso. Bororo culture has various music genres and a rich range of instruments.  I was there a few years ago, at the invitation of my friend and composer Roberto Victorio, to learn to play the Bororo flutes with the singing master of the tribe, Helinho. I was very impressed with the whole experience, both musical and personal.  After that, I was the first white people to perform the sacred flute outside the tribe in Roberto Victorio’s masterpiece Bororo Trilogy, which integrates instruments of various ethnicities, including concert ones and electronics.

At a time when the existence of the peoples originating from South America is threatened, Ika has unintentionally turned into a song of lament and resistance against the insane forces of destruction that have taken over the world at this time.

Prelude 21 - Music of the present
Six premieres of Brazilian contemporary works (Alexandre Schubert, Caio Senna, Jose Orlando Alves, Neder Nassaro, Marcos Lucas, Pauxy Gentil-Nunes)
August 10 - 15 hours
Federal Justice Cultural Center Theater
Av. Rio Branco, 241 - Downtown (Cinelândia) - Rio de Janeiro
Free entrance