Fabio Adour and Tocata for acoustic guitar at Prelude 21 – Music of the Present

Português | English

On August 31, 2019, Prelude 21 hosted guitarist Fabio Adour for his August recital.

Fabio Adour is one of the most important Brazilian guitarists, for his impressive technical resourcefulness and his involvement with innovative and challenging repertoire.

The Prelude 21 concert featured works by its six members – Alexandre Schubert, Caio Senna, Jose Orlando Alves, Marcos Vieira Lucas and Neder Nassaro.

My work, Tocata (2011), was then first played by the hands of this brilliant interpreter friend and colleague at the ABSTRAI Ensemble, the Performance Today research group and the UFRJ Undergraduate and Postgraduate (PPGM-UFRJ). It was a special moment because the performance was brilliant and extremely musical. Tocata has been played to perfection by many performers, but it was a great pleasure to see Fabio given the same life and impetus that marked his performance of Suarabacti, my former guitar piece, to this most recent work.

The repertoire impressed me a lot (I did not know all the pieces) and it was suggested that we make a CD with the works, including Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira (founder of the group and deceased in 2018), who was honored with the execution of his work “Madureira”.