Átimo, for piano and orchestra (2007)

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Átimo for piano and orchestra
Year 2007
Duration 12′
Category Orchestral

The piece talks about the fleetingness of the present moment – the instant, expanded through a sizeable temporal zoom. Microscopic, while full of transformative power and wandering ideas, sometimes clear and logical, occasionally undefined as a daydream, and sometimes incompatible, chaotic, and changeable. The harmonic structure is built from a pitch stream made of 17 sonorities, constituting a hidden structure that manifests unchanged from start to the end of the workpiece, presented with different surfaces.


Átimo, for piano e orquestra. Marina Spoladore e Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira (OSB), conducted by Luiz Gustavo Petri. Tiago Calderano, solo vibraphone. Recorded in 2013 during the XX Biennial Festival of Brazilian Contemporary Music promoted by Nacional Foundation for Arts (Funarte).