Brazilian Contemporary Piano in Ituiutaba: piano works spanning generations

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Minas de Som, with support from the State Music Conservatory Dr. José Zoccoli de Andrade, from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Minas Gerais Department of Culture and the Federal Government of Brazil, launches volumes 12 and 13 of Brazilian Music Albums, dedicated to works by Brazilian composers written especially for the Ituiutaba Piano Competition.

Under the coordination of professor Luciana Monteiro de Castro, the publication brings together works for solo piano and four-handed piano by 15 Brazilian composers, thus covering the 27 years of continuous holding of an already traditional event on the Brazilian concert music agenda:

  1. Calimério Soares
  2. Ronaldo Miranda
  3. Dimitri Cervo
  4. Ricardo Tacuchian
  5. João Guilherme Ripper
  6. Antonio Celso Ribeiro
  7. Denise Garcia
  8. Oilliam Lana
  9. Marcos Vieira Lucas
  10. Liduino Pitombeira
  11. Alexandre Schubert
  12. Pauxy Gentil-Nunes
  13. Estercio Marquez Cunha
  14. Marisa Rezende
  15. Maria Helena Rosas Fernandes

The publication had a large team, under the coordination of the professor. Denise Martins (Conservatory of Ituiutaba).

The volumes can be downloaded free of charge on the site of Selo Minas:

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