Baile (Ball, 2007)

Português | English

Baile (Ball) for flute, electronics, and piano
Year 2007
Duration 12′16″
Category Mixed

Baile, for flute, notebook, and piano, is a portrait of an event that took place in front of my residence – the proms of Fluminense FC. On these occasions, upper-middle-class groups from Rio de Janeiro celebrate their achievements accompanied by eclectic music, ranging from Strauss waltzes to funk carioca hits. The sequence of songs practically incompatible but stitched together by tempo and tonality is pre-grouped in the called Jive Bunny’s collection. The piece Baile (meaning Balls) evokes some of these genres, mixed with serial and acousmatic music styles, to testify this unusual combination.


  • Baile, for flute, notebook, and piano.
    • Pauxy Gentil-Nunes, flute
    • Paulo Dantas, notebook
    • Marina Spoladore, piano
      • Recorded at Sala Cecilia Meireles, during the XVII Biennial Brazilian Contemporary Music – Funarte.